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What’s Going On

Sorry I’ve been lax with the updates.   What’s going on with me?  Today is the final exam in the class I’ve been taking.  So far, I’ve gotten no less than 94 on all the tests and homework.  I have one more assignment to turn in today (which might even be a B because I gave […]

Random Thoughts

I know I’ve been AWOL for a while but work has been hectic, not to mention the two classes I’m taking this summer.  On the bright side, I’ve been pretty good about planning dinners in advance so I don’t buy take out.  We’ve only been out to dinner one or two times this month and […]

I’m Back

( Travel )

I’m back from a much needed vacation. A week of rest and relaxation was great. I don’t even want to talk about how much money we spent. It’s water under the bridge now. This is the first week of school for me.  I’m taking two classes this summer – one in person (ugh) and one […]

Summer Spending

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes my annual quest for summer clothes/shoes.  I have yet to figure out why I never seem to have enough summer clothes.   I haven’t done much shopping yet.  The little I did do was compliments of a Macy’s one day sale + coupon + gift card […]


( Insurance andIRA andTravel )

photo credit: zayzayem I promised the Frugalista that I’d get back on the bandwagon.  I’ve been slacking on my finances lately (like not contributing enough to my IRA) but no more.  This week, I’m going to actually do all the things on my financial to do list. I need to re-evaluate our asset allocation. I […]

Repost – Fabulous, Yet Frugal, Travel

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photo credit: I just returned from two back to back trips – one for business, and one for pleasure.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to travel.  Therefore, here’s a re-post of some of my favorite travel tips.  What do YOU do to save money on travel? People often ask how can […]

Do the Bump!

( Travel )

photo credit: ronnie44052 The holidays are my favorite time to travel. No, I’m not a glutton for punishment. Dealing with long lines, flight delays and novice travelers really aren’t my idea of a good time. But now is a great time to get bumped. I’ve gotten many a free flight this way. If you’re in […]

Friday Q&A – Reader Questions

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Q: I sometimes sell items on eBay for extra money. Do I have to pay taxes on this money? A: The answer is…it depends. If you sell items for more than their original retail value (for example, vintage toys), you’re supposed to declare that income. If you’re merely selling clothing or household items for less […]