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Budgeting for Small Businesses: 10 Money Allocation Tips

Budgeting can be critical to the success or failure of a small business. Where as a big company or corporation might have some leeway in their budget, provided by significant assets, cash reserves, additional credit lines or diversification of investments, a small business is often limited in its ability to weather fierce financial storms and […]

Technical Difficulties

My apologies for the recent technical difficulties. I’m back up and running. That said, I spent Saturday doing our taxes. There are a few forms that we’re waiting on (I’m looking at you ShareBuilder) but other than that, we’re done. While we owe less than I thought we would, it’s still a bundle. Therefore, we […]

What’s Going On

Sorry I’ve been lax with the updates.   What’s going on with me?  Today is the final exam in the class I’ve been taking.  So far, I’ve gotten no less than 94 on all the tests and homework.  I have one more assignment to turn in today (which might even be a B because I gave […]

What to Do in this Financial Climate?

photo credit: Latente § piove merda e dicono che è ciocolata Like most of you, my 401(k) has steadily been declining despite the money I contribute with each paycheck.  When I checked my balance last night, it looked a lot like my 2005 balance!  So what am I going to do?  Nothing, or rather stay […]

Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed and Small Business Owners

Those who are self-employed or have small businesses have many choices for funding their retirement. Below I’ve highlighted some of the most popular. Self-employed (or solo) 401(k) – This is for individuals who are self-employed or business owners who have no employees. Just like a regular 401(k), your contributions reduce your taxable income. Salary deferral […]