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Technical Difficulties

My apologies for the recent technical difficulties. I’m back up and running. That said, I spent Saturday doing our taxes. There are a few forms that we’re waiting on (I’m looking at you ShareBuilder) but other than that, we’re done. While we owe less than I thought we would, it’s still a bundle. Therefore, we […]

Yet Another Account

It seems like Mr. Savvy and I have a jillion accounts between the two of us.  However, I added one more account to the mix last night.  I opened a SEP-IRA for myself.  Mr. Savvy already had one and I decided to get one as well.  We both have side businesses and while mine isn’t […]

Guest Post – Interview With a Financial Planner

I’m on vacation this week.  Thanks so much to Cathy Curtis, of Curtis Financial Planning, for allowing me to interview her. Tell us a little about yourself I am a Fee-Only independent financial advisor, a Certified Financial Planner practitioner (CFP) and a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) registered with the State of California. I own a firm […]

2009 Financial Dates to Know

photo credit: sixty69niner has published a 2009 “money calendar”.  Here are some of those important dates that you should make note of – January 15th – Estimated taxes are due for the fourth quarter of 2008 January 31st – W-2’s and other financial statements for 2008 should begin arriving March 15th – Last day […]

Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed and Small Business Owners

Those who are self-employed or have small businesses have many choices for funding their retirement. Below I’ve highlighted some of the most popular. Self-employed (or solo) 401(k) – This is for individuals who are self-employed or business owners who have no employees. Just like a regular 401(k), your contributions reduce your taxable income. Salary deferral […]