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State of the (Financial) Union

It’s been a busy few months. Between home improvement projects, a new job and some travel, I haven’t been keeping a close watch on our finances. We’ve spent five figures on irregular expenses since May which is just plain crazy. Therefore, Mr. Savvy and I have set aside a date to review the ‘state of […]

Tell Your Story to BusinessWeek Magazine

( Marriage andTaxes )

From Brian Burnsed of BusinessWeek magazine – I’m Brian Burnsed, a reporter with BusinessWeek magazine. I’m working on a story for the magazine about how hectic tax season can be and how it can sometimes become a source of contention among couples. I was wondering if any of you find that during tax season you […]

Beware of Having All Joint Accounts

While I am definitely NOT one of those women who suggests you have a secret stash and hide money from your spouse, I also am not one of those women who suggests you merge every last thing and only have joint accounts. It is imperative that you maintain your own credit, even after marriage. If […]