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Putting Money Back into the Budget

I’ve been using the holiday down time to declutter as well as work on our 2011 budget. One thing that continually irks me is our homeowners insurance. The premium goes up every year (16% this year alone)! So I spent a little time online requesting quotes. However, nothing was much cheaper than what we were […]

Year End Checkup

( 401(k) andIRA )

When I look back at my archives, I see I only set TWO financial goals for this year.  Ack!  I honestly can’t remember if I maxed out my 2009 IRA but I paid off the car in late May or early June.  I’m maxing out my 401k and will max out my 2010 IRA.  I’m […]

Almost There!

photo credit: I’m so close I can taste it.  Today is payday so I sent a chunk of money to the car loan.  God willing, I should make the last payment in two weeks.  Though I haven’t been as good as I could be (still don’t bring my lunch to work), I’ve done a […]

Almost There

In a mere five weeks, I will finally have my car paid off.  Three years and three months after I bought it.  I love my car but having a car payment got old QUICKLY.  Needless to say, I want to pay for the next one with cash.  After the car is paid off, I will […]

Technical Difficulties

My apologies for the recent technical difficulties. I’m back up and running. That said, I spent Saturday doing our taxes. There are a few forms that we’re waiting on (I’m looking at you ShareBuilder) but other than that, we’re done. While we owe less than I thought we would, it’s still a bundle. Therefore, we […]

Happy New Year

photo credit: jurvetson Happy New Year to everyone! The partying is over and now it’s time to head back into reality. I start back at work and school on Monday. I didn’t make any resolutions but I do have a few financial goals for 2010. Unfortunately, I may be stymied by the fact that our […]

Year-End Money Moves

( 401(k) andInvesting andIRA )

The end of the year is fast-approaching. That means I spent a few hours yesterday looking at our finances. Due to an extra paycheck that I wasn’t expecting (it was scheduled for Friday 1/1 but that’s a holiday so it was moved to Thursday 12/31), I was able to max out my 401k. I originally […]


  photo credit: jannemei K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, silly. I decided that our finances have gotten much too complicated as of late. Three checking accounts and five savings accounts are just too much. As as of December 1, it will be bye-bye ING. Though I love them and have been happy with them, there’s no […]