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Protect Your Assets

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photo credit: mari_isabel20 Just as important as amassing assets is protecting them. This is the primary purpose of insurance. By paying premiums, you are paying someone else to assume the risk (of death, disability, damage, etc.) and allow you to protect your assets. Most people believe they need health insurance, auto insurance and homeowners/renters insurance. […]

Five Ways to Save on Car Insurance

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photo credit: mmechtley   These five simple steps can potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance.   Shop around – Don’t assume that the company you’ve always used will have the lowest rates. Non-traditional companies with a heavy online presence (think Geico or Progressive) often have much lower premiums. Take a […]

The Second Step to Financial Success

2/27 – Edited to add a great link about selecting disability insurance – Yesterday, I discussed the first step to financial success. Click here for that post. Now that you’ve defined your financial mission, the second step of your journey is to establish goals. Your goals can be short-term (within five years) or long-term […]