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Great Burt’s Bees Deal!

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photo credit: Tessss All for the low price of $25 – 25th Burt Day Celebration Grab Bag Celebrate our 25th Burt Day with a bag full of goodies! How it Works It’s our 25th Burt Day and we’re ready to celebrate with a gift – just for you! We’ve mixed and matched our most popular natural […]

DIY Success

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photo credit: wayneandwax Unless the people in my previous post, Mr. Savvy and I generally have great success with our DIY projects.  Case in point, for the last few weeks, there has been a strong gas smell when we use the oven.  I finally decided to call the gas company, sooner rather than later, as […]

Summer Spending

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes my annual quest for summer clothes/shoes.  I have yet to figure out why I never seem to have enough summer clothes.   I haven’t done much shopping yet.  The little I did do was compliments of a Macy’s one day sale + coupon + gift card […]

Last Savings Coup of the Year

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photo credit: alanwoo Back in October, I posted about how I was able to get a deal on a rug for our living room.  Yesterday, I scored my final deal of the year on some dining room furniture.  The same day we found the rug, we finally decided on dining room furniture that we both […]

Bad Economy = Travel Deals

photo credit: johnkalad I recieved an e-mail last night from the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.  For those who aren’t familiar with the Wynn, it’s one of the newer (and nicer) hotels on the Strip.  It actually has a Lamborghini (or maybe Ferrari) dealership on site.  The Wynn is offering 4 nights lodging and $150 […]

Saving on Home Furnishings

photo credit: New Internationalist Mr. Savvy and I have decided it’s high time we got around to furnishing/decorating our dining room.  So we went to a local furniture store weekend before last.  We actually found both a rug and a dining set that Mr. Savvy liked…no small feat.  So we were all set, right?  Wrong […]

Just Ask!

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I’ve had my cellphone with Sprint forever.  (Yeah, I know everyone else hates them but I haven’t had any problems.)  I have one of the cheapest plans they offer because I don’t really talk on the phone that much.  In addition, I get a 5% discount through my employer.  A few months ago, I kept hearing […]

Why Pay More if You Don’t Have to?

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I try to be frugal whenever possible but I probably have a bit different perspective than most.  I’m not interested in frugality in terms of doing without or not buying the things that I want.  My concerns are not being wasteful and getting the most for my money. For example, I’m attending a baby shower […]