Wednesday, 13 Mar 2013

Are you Spending Money on the Right Sites?

Sometimes we just can’t tell if an ecommerce site is reputable unless you’ve consistently done business with one, or if they’re the bigger companies like Amazon, who specialize in ecommerce.  Luckily there are sites like Reseller Ratings who allow people to post ratings and reviews of sites that they’ve done business with. Their reviews depend mostly on whether they got what they ordered, service, and delivery speed.  However, what sets Reseller Ratings apart from other review sites is that merchants do not have control over which reviews appear on Reseller Ratings. Also, Reseller Ratings make sure that companies haven’t rated themselves.

That being said, it’s very impressive if a company can get close to a perfect 10 rating.  Take for example.  They have an overall ranking of 9.66, which is stellar, considering they’ve had around 600 people who were satisfied with their online purchasing experience. sells all types of promotional materials from personalized calendars to window decals, and all of them can be customized to your liking.  It’s truly remarkable that they can maintain such a high rating when each customer’s specifications must be accounted for, and it’s very likely that their employees take the time to make sure everything is done right before they send the customer the final product.  To emphasize their rating of 9.66 out of 10, received a rating of 7.50, and they have had a strong customer-centric approach for years:

Anyways, before you buy something, see if they have a Reseller Ratings score before you purchase.  You could save loads of precious time and money, not to mention the stress!

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