Home is where the heart is: how best to protect your house

Posted on Thursday 26 April 2012

Guest post written by Nathan Clarke. Nathan writes about building and house contents insurance.

Home means different things to a great many people; however, there is one common bond that tends to tie together everybody’s definition of what exactly home means to them – security, safety and protection.

A person’s home is where they are able to store their most precious belongings and treasures; whether these are sentimental in nature, or possessions that carry a very real monetary price tag!

Whilst many people view their home as their “safe place”, far too many people leave it vulnerable to mishaps through not being properly prepared for the possibility of something unfortunate happening. However unlikely the chances of something happening to a person’s home may be, things can and do happen; from fire to floods or DIY errors to general ‘wear & tear’ – there’s no point hiding heads in the sand when it comes to safeguarding those things in life that matter the most.

There is an old adage that “fortune favours the brave”, so in the spirit in the bravery versus potential adversity here are some simple to follow tips for ensuring your home is protected from the things that life could throw at it!

Know what you have

This could concern anything that is most important to you as an individual; whether it is items that you consider are essential to your day to day existence (such as laptops, instruments or anything else that makes your world turn!) or things that have a supreme sentimental value to you (such as documents, photos or other things close to your heart). Taking stock of exactly what matters the most to you in your household is the first step to making sure that it is properly protected.

Get an estimate

Whilst home and contents insurance can seem like a hassle for many people to organise, most policies are extremely cheap and competitive; ultimately, it is those ‘out of the ordinary’ items (which should have been noted in the previous step!) which are the unknown quantities – with that in mind, finding out how much it costs to protect them should be a top priority.

Update, update, update

A shocking amount of people fail to update their home insurance and add items to their policy once they acquire new possessions; this could be anything from fancy new laptop to 3D TV – whatever it is, make sure it’s added to your existing policy!

Set a little aside

Everyone is well aware that unexpected incidents have a way of just happening. Even if your home and its possession are covered by a policy, it is always worth thinking about setting a little extra aside for when things just get out of your control – also, it never hurts to have the excess of an insurance policy covered for peace of mind.

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