Thursday, 14 Apr 2011

How to Get Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals Year Round

Todd is a personal finance writer for and an avid online super shopper

In reality, Black Friday and Cuber Monday and all the fantastic deals they bring come, but once a year. However, deal-savvy shoppers know how to make prime shopping time last year-round. You can learn how to do it, too. By simply following a few easy strategies, you, too, can enjoy fantastic deals all year long.

Around every holiday, most retailers offer some type of sale. It doesn’t have to be Christmas. Sales for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even Good Friday and Easter are also very common. Seasonal sales should be included in the great sales list, too, because you can find some really fantastic offers on certain items during their ‘off-season’. Seasonal sales happen at the end of one season during the transition into the next. Seasonal sale items may be confined to clearance sections so be sure and check those out as well.

When you find a sale, always try to make a good deal better by applying any applicable coupons that you can find. Visit some of the online shopping deal websites and search to see if the merchants having the best sales offer any coupons or incentives. You might find a percentage or dollar amount off a certain purchase amount or perhaps a code for free shipping. You never know how much better a deal can be until you do a little research.

While you’re visiting coupon sites, don’t forget to take advantage of the offers on group buying sites like Groupon. Many times they offer deals that are not the “gifty” type so you don’t always have to have a reason or occasion to shop these sites. You can sometimes find great discounts on car repairs and maintenance, home maintenance and other residential or business services you may be in the market for regularly anyway. You may find $100 in these types of services for just $25-$50 by going through buying sites like Groupon. Learning to be deal-savvy isn’t just a great way to land inexpensive gifts for those on your shopping list, it’s an invaluable gift you give yourself.

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