TD Ameritrade Promo

Posted on Monday 17 January 2011

TD Ameritrade has a new promo.  If you open an account by February 28th, with a minimum of $2000, you get 100 free trades.  Go to or call 1-866-834-2539 and mention offer code 154.

Mr. Savvy and I have all our IRAs at TD Ameritrade and we have no complaints.  It’s easy to open an account online and we’ve never had any problems.

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10 Insurance Shopping Tips to Lower Your Rates

Posted on Friday 14 January 2011

Cutting corners on insurance is almost never a good idea. One disaster could leave you in a financial pickle. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take other steps to lower your insurance rates. The following shopping tips will help you get more reasonable premiums on your policies.

1. Get Multiple Quotes

Getting multiple quotes before buying an insurance policy is the single best way to ensure that you pay low rates. When you get multiple quotes, you have the opportunity to compare both coverage and cost. You can also see which company offers the best discounts for your individual situation. You can get multiple quotes by visiting an insurance comparison site online or by calling multiple agents/companies.

2. Talk to Your Current Agent

Speaking with your current insurance agent is also smart. Your agent will be able to review your policy with you, help you determine your real insurance needs, and suggest discounts that you may be eligible for. Agents who work with multiple companies may also be able to get you a better deal through another insurance provider.

3. Ask for Discounts

When you shop for an insurance policy, you should ask about applicable discounts. You may be able to get a discount for being a student, senior citizen, or good driver. Other common discounts include occupational discounts, renewal discounts, healthy lifestyle discounts, and association discounts.

4. Ask for a Higher Deductible

A deductible is the amount of money you have to pay before your insurance policy officially kicks in. It doesn’t matter what type of insurance we’re talking–auto, home, health, etc.–the higher your deductible is, the lower your insurance rates will be. You may be able to lower your premiums by as much as 30 percent if you double your deductible. Just make sure that you have the money you need to meet the higher deductible if necessary.

5. Buy Your Policies from the Same Insurer

Buying multiple types of insurance, such as auto and home or health and life, from the same provider may help you net a huge discount. Although the size of multiple-policy discounts can vary depending on the company you buy from and the type of insurance you are purchasing, you can almost always save at least 10 percent.

6. Take Advantage of Student Status

Students often have the opportunity to buy low-cost health insurance from their college or university. Student discounts may also be available through independent agents and companies that sell auto, home, renter’s, umbrella, and life insurance.

7. Consider Group Insurance

Group insurance is a type of insurance that covers a specific group of people. You may be able to purchase group insurance through an employer or through an association or organization that you already belong to. Group insurance allows everyone within a group to benefit from insurance savings.

8. Buy an Umbrella Policy

Umbrella insurance is designed to provide liability coverage. If you purchase a low cost umbrella insurance policy, you may be able to lower the liability protection on your auto, home, or renter’s insurance. Reducing current liability coverage will definitely lower your rates and may help you lower your total insurance bill.

9. Take Steps Prior to Shopping

Taking certain steps before buying insurance, may also help you get better rates. For example, you could try raising your credit score, which almost always has an impact on the rate you pay. Quitting smoking or losing weight may help lower the cost of life or health insurance. You could also take a safe driver course to lower auto insurance premiums or make certain improvements to your home to lower home or renter’s insurance rates.

10. Buy the Right Amount of Insurance

Although it is never a good idea to be underinsured, you definitely don’t want to buy unnecessary coverage. Evaluate your needs carefully and buy the appropriate amount–this action alone could be enough to lower your rates.

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey writes on finance, insurance, and related topics for the Car Insurance Blog.

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