eBay Alternative?

Posted on Friday 31 December 2010

I recently posted how I listed some things on eBay.  However, I’ve found another site called Smashion.  It’s like eBay, without the listing fees.  They’re not just a marketplace, but an online community for people with a passion for budget fashion.  Has anyone tried Smashion for themselves?

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Putting Money Back into the Budget

Posted on Wednesday 29 December 2010

I’ve been using the holiday down time to declutter as well as work on our 2011 budget. One thing that continually irks me is our homeowners insurance. The premium goes up every year (16% this year alone)! So I spent a little time online requesting quotes. However, nothing was much cheaper than what we were paying. I happened to log on to our credit union website the next day and saw they offered a discount on premiums with our current company.  So I requested yet another online quote.  Surprise, this one came in much lower.  I called to provide more information and the new premium is even less than what we paid last year.  So, for about a hour (total) of my time, we’re saving several hundred dollars a year on our homeowners insurance.  Yay!

I also went ahead and transferred the last bit of money required to max out my IRA for 2010.  I faxed in the form to convert to a Roth IRA.  However, I don’t know if that transaction will complete before the year is over.  I sure hope so.  I also gathered all our files in anticipation of doing our online taxes in a few months.  I also posted a few items on Craigslist and eBay.  If they don’t sell, they’ll be donated so they’re no longer taking up space in the house.  On the down side, I was cleaning out the refrigerator and broke one of the crisper drawers.  A replacement drawer is $60!  Needless to say, I’ll be putting the superglue to use rather than buying a new one.  What financial plans have you made this holiday week?

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Year End Checkup

Posted on Monday 20 December 2010

When I look back at my archives, I see I only set TWO financial goals for this year.  Ack!  I honestly can’t remember if I maxed out my 2009 IRA but I paid off the car in late May or early June.  I’m maxing out my 401k and will max out my 2010 IRA.  I’m also putting aside ~$365/mo into my car fund (ultimately for my next purchase circa 2014 but also any unexpected repairs).

The next targets in my sights are my student loans.  I’m ashamed to saying that I’m still paying them (1.5 years of undergrad and 1.5 yrs of grad school at expensive private universities) 11 years later!  The initial loan amount as well as a deferment early on definitely weren’t in my best interest but I am where I am.  For 2011, I’m increasing my monthly payment to the old payment plus my car payment plus a little more (four figures a month!). 

I’m doing okay since all those things will be automated but there’s always room for improvement.  So for next year, another goal is to pack my lunch more so that I’m not eating out EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I know, shame on me but I’d rather leave leftovers for the next night’s dinner (so I only cook half as much) rather than taking them for lunch.  That’s going to change those.  What are your financial goals for the upcoming year?

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