Wednesday, 17 Nov 2010

10 Free Sites to Help You Balance Your Budget

There are many different sites online that can help you establish and stick to a budget, save money on your current bills, find shopping deals, and educate yourself about personal finance and debt management. Here are 10 free sites every savvy person should explore.

Mint – This award-winning personal finance software can be used to plan budgets and track financial transactions. Mint’s service also analyzes your spending to help you find new ways to save.

moneyStrands – This free money management site makes it easy to link all of your online accounts so that you can closely track your spending and savings. You can also use moneyStrands to set up a personal, household, or monthly budget.

Thrive – Thrive catalogs all of your transactions so that you can see what you are spending your money on. The site also analyzes your transactions to give you a financial health score and calculates the amount of money you need to save to achieve your financial goals.

BillShrink – BillShrink is designed to save you money on specific items, such as cell phone plans, satellite TV service, credit card rates, and gas. All you have to do is enter in information about your usage, and BillShrink will tell you which companies will save you the most.

In Good Cents – In Good Cents is a couponing site meant to help you cut your grocery bill. The site regularly posts sales ads and special deal lists for grocery stores, pharmacies, and super stores like Target and Wal-Mart. Other site features include information about free samples, couponing, holiday shopping, and cash back programs.

Wesabe – Wesabe is an online community of people who share information about shopping, saving, debt management, and other finance topics. After registering for a free account on Wesabe, you can join groups of people who have similar financial goals. – can help you save on almost anything you might buy. Site members and administrators post shopping deals and coupons. You can also use the site to compare prices before you shop and get cash back on your purchases.

Wise Bread – This blogger community provides tips for living on a small budget. Wise Bread also offers discussion forums, links to 100+ personal finance blogs, and hand-picked freebies and deals from around the web.

Feed the Pig – This site is part of a national campaign sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and The Advertising Council. Feed the Pig offers savings tips, debt management tools, quizzes, financial challenges, and a discussion forum.

Debt Ski – At first glance, Debt Ski might look like a Mario-like pig-racing game. But it is actually designed to help you learn how to limit debt, maximize savings, and live within a budget.

This is a guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey writes about homeowners insurance and other personal finance topics for

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