Thursday, 19 Aug 2010

Still Waiting

Creative Commons License photo credit: marlambie

Well, we’re still waiting to hear from PenFed in regard to our closing date for the refi.  We spent a wonderful weekend in South Beach with my family and managed not to break the bank.  Which is good because not one, but both of the cupholders in my car broke.  Our new mechanic wants $100+ to fix each one!  No thanks.  I found the parts online for ~$45/each so this will be another DIY job.  Thank goodness we’re very handy.  We’ve saved big bucks over the years by doing things ourselves. 

Our last project was building a riser so we could have ‘stadium seating’ in our basement.  A few hundred dollars of supplies and now the basement looks fabulous.  The next project may be a wet bar for the basement but I suspect we’ll wait a few months before starting.  Mr. Savvy had to purchase two new tires for his bike and we need to start thinking about buying plane tickets to visit his parents for Thanksgiving.  So for now, I think we’ll stick to no- to low-cost improvements.  I need to paint part of our master bathroom.  We already have the paint and supplies from painting the main floor bathroom.  My plan is to do it this weekend but we’ll see.

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