Wednesday, 11 Aug 2010

After Much Ado

We’re finally nearing the end of the refi process.  The appraiser revised the appraisal upwards to reflect the features they’d left out.  However, we were approved for $2K less than we wanted.  It’s a great interest rate so we’re going to go through with it.  I believe PenFed has everything they need so now we’re just waiting for the closing date.  The process hasn’t been hard but there’s been a lot of back and forth as well as waiting which wasn’t totally unexpected.

Meanwhile, it seems like we’ve been hemorrhaging money lately.  We attended an out of town wedding for one of my best friends last month.  However, that meant airfare, hotel, wedding gift and miscellaneous expenses.  We’ve also had to get at least two other wedding gifts and two baby gifts with even more to come by the end of the year.  Mr. Savvy just finished constructing a riser for ‘stadium seating’ in our basement which cost us several hundred dollars in supplies.  Not to mention, we’re heading out of town to help my cousins celebrate their birthdays.

We got rid of our beater pickup because it wouldn’t pass the emissions test and Mr. Savvy doesn’t want to spend anymore money on it, rightfully so.    That means we need to start saving for another truck.  I want to find something reliable for around $3K but Mr. Savvy says that isn’t realistic.  I guess time will tell.  Stay tuned for the next episode of ‘ How the Finances Turn’.  LOL.

One Response to “After Much Ado”

  1. brainy Says:

    Oh man, it all sounds too familiar.

    We just went through the re-fi process to and I guess in hindsight it was pretty painless but the waiting and the back and forth and anxiety over the appraisal was really stressful.

    Even after the closing and I anxious about it thinking something “unexpected” might come up and stall the process — until the first “new” mortgage bill arrived.

    That was a great day!