Friday, 16 Jul 2010

Mortgage Update

Less than a week after I submitted our refi application online, the appraisal company called to set an appointment.  They came out a few days later.  The appraisal was completed in under a week.   Unfortunately, the appraisal came in a bit higher than we needed it to.  However, I did notice some errors (fence and sprinkler system weren’t included) and one of the ‘comp’ houses was not really comparable since it doesn’t have a basement.  I submitted a dispute form and will hear back from them next week.

In other news, Mr. Savvy bought me Rosetta Stone.  Yay!  I’ve been waiting to learn Spanish for years so I’m glad he bought it.  He purchased levels 1-5 so I know it wasn’t cheap but I’m not going to worry about it because it’s been on the list of ‘stuff I want’ for quite a while.  When’s the last time you splurged on something you really wanted?

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