I Fell Off the Wagon

Posted on Wednesday 21 April 2010

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I’ve been out of town more often than not since the end of February.  It’s wreaked havoc on my sleep schedule, energy level and wallet.  First, there was the $30 late fee for not renewing my car’s registration on time.  For some reason, I thought you had until the end of your birth month to renew, not until your birthday.  Then there was the $100 change fee I paid so Mr. Savvy and I wouldn’t have to spend hours in the airport waiting to go home.

Unfortunately, once you start leaking money, it’s easy to just keep on going.  Next was the expensive, but fabulous, facial I treated myself to on my last business trip.  Once I got home, I couldn’t resist taking advantage of a ‘spa week’ deal on massages…and some cute wine charms at TJMaxx that I ‘needed’ for a wine tasting at my house…and some running shoes since I’m going to do a 5K this summer…and a spa appointment at the fancy place we’re going anyway to attend a wedding next month.  I think you get the picture.  Not to mention, we just dropped a bundle getting Mr. Savvy’s car fixed yesterday and paid a chunk of money to the IRS.

Quite frankly, it’s a bit depressing.  But not to worry, I’m still on track to get the car paid off in June.  And we setup auto debits for Mr. Savvy’s IRA contributions.  We have a lot of expenses in the upcoming months but at least it’s two steps forward for every one step back.

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Five Free ShareBuilder Trades

Posted on Tuesday 6 April 2010

I found this promo code over at Bargaineering and it’s right on time.  One of my Roth IRAs is at ShareBuilder and I have partial shares of a stock since I forgot to deactivate my automatic dividend reinvestment.  The trade price would have been worth more than the partial share so I was stuck until now.

I’ve been considering leaving ShareBuilder for a while (still debating because you can’t beat the $4 purchases) because I don’t like the $25 annual fee for IRAs.  This might just push me over the edge.

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Free $5 Gift Card for Magazines.com

Posted on Tuesday 6 April 2010

The first five people to leave a comment (with e-mail address) will receive a free $5 gift card to magazines.com

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