Almost There!

Posted on Thursday 25 February 2010

Approaching the Finish Line
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As of last night, we have maxed out Mr. Savvy’s IRA for 2009.  Tomorrow is payday and we will send the final $850 to mine.  So the first goal of the year will be completed ahead of schedule (last day is April 15th).  Yay!

I haven’t been putting much extra to the car loan so that we could focus on the IRAs.  However, now that’s out of the way, the car loan is in my sights.  The goal is still have that paid off by June 30th.  After that, I plan to bolster our ‘slush’ savings then splurge on some home theatre seating for the basement (aka Man Cave).  How are you faring with your goals?

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You Get What You Pay For

Posted on Monday 22 February 2010

Mr. Savvy and I are going on a couple of ski trips soon and I need some new thermals.  However, being the cheapskate that I am, I didn’t want to shell out the big bucks for brands like UnderArmour.  I searched a number of sites and found a set on clearance at Sierra Trading Post.  A mere $23 including shipping.  Fantastic, right?  Wrong!

I opened the package this weekend and was SORELY disappointed.  The fabric was cheap and had a chemical-y smell.  The color of the top and the bottom weren’t even remotely close.  Needless to say, that crap is now repackaged and on its way back to Sierra Trading Post.  I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and pay for the good stuff.  Has being cheap ever backfired on you?

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I Was Blind but Now I See

Posted on Wednesday 10 February 2010

Every year, I set some money aside in our flexible spending account.  I never put much since it’s use it or lose it.  This year we allocated $300 because I knew I needed some new glasses.  It’s been two years since my last pair of lenses and I knew my prescription had slightly changed since then.

So this Saturday, Mr. Savvy and I headed to LensCrafters.  One hour later, we were $600 poorer.  Ugh!  A new pair of prescription glasses for me (for reading at work) plus ANOTHER pair of prescription glasses for me (for driving at night) and a pair of non-prescription sunglasses for hubby.  I feel like an old lady with all these glasses and of course, insurance only covered the first pair.  It was a semi-unplanned expense but as fortune would have it, I got an expected sum of money recently. 

In other news, $1800 left to max out my 2009 IRA and ~$7000 left on the car loan.  I should meet both of those goals but it will be down to the wire (April 15th and June 30th, respectively) for both.  After that, I will boost my ‘slush’ savings a bit.  We have several weddings to attend this year (as well as wedding gifts to buy) and we want to get some new furniture for the basement.   Up next, a few decisions we need to make soon.

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Technical Difficulties

Posted on Wednesday 3 February 2010

My apologies for the recent technical difficulties. I’m back up and running. That said, I spent Saturday doing our taxes. There are a few forms that we’re waiting on (I’m looking at you ShareBuilder) but other than that, we’re done. While we owe less than I thought we would, it’s still a bundle. Therefore, we either need to start making quarterly estimated payments or have extra withheld from our paychecks.

In other financial news, I’m still on track to have my car paid off by June but it’s debatable whether or not I’ll max out my IRA.   I was a bad girl and dropped some loot to go on a ski trip in April.  I also have spent entirely too much money at the hair salon but we won’t talk about that.  There are a couple of other financial decisions in the works but I’ll discuss those later.  We’re one month into the new year.  How are YOU faring with your financial goals?

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