Two steps forward, two steps back

Posted on Monday 18 January 2010

Well, I’ve been good about bringing my lunch to work 2-3 days per week. I’ve even gotten Mr. Savvy on board a little bit. However, whatever I saved has been spent.

I had to take my car to the dealer on Friday. Thankfully it was still under warranty but I still had to pay a $50 deductible. I also paid for an Eharmony subscription for my dad. He just doesn’t know it yet 🙂 And last but not least, I decided to stop being a couch potato and to start working out again. So I bought a workout DVD ($14) and two sets of free weights ($24) over the weekend. I’m sore but the results will be worth it.

I DID send an extra $50 (I think) to my car loan so that was good. I need to update the sidebar. My target for having that paid off is June 30. Are you making progress on your 2010 goals?

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Happy New Year

Posted on Saturday 2 January 2010

Pink Eruption
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Happy New Year to everyone! The partying is over and now it’s time to head back into reality. I start back at work and school on Monday. I didn’t make any resolutions but I do have a few financial goals for 2010. Unfortunately, I may be stymied by the fact that our bills are increasing. I got a notice from our mortgage company that our escrow payment is going up ~$110/month! This is because both our property tax and insurance have gone up. Bleh. Next, we got a notice from DirecTV that they’re raising their prices. I asked Mr. Savvy to call and cancel some of our services but I think he’s addicted.

That said, my first goal for this year is to finish maxing out my IRA for 2009. I’ve contributed $2000 thus far so I need to contribute another $3000 prior to April 15th. I could have accomplished this already if we hadn’t gone on so many trips this year but such is life. Next up is to have my car paid off by June 30th. When I bought the car, my goal was to pay off the loan as aggressively as possible but I was a bad girl and life/fun got in the way. We’ve taken numerous trips, built a patio in the backyard, bought dining room furniture, etc. Those are the only two goals I’m going to set for now because those are most important to me. Once I get the car paid off, I’ll set some new goals. I’ll also be adding some graphs to the sidebar to get up with my progress. What are your financial goals for this year?

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