Posted on Friday 14 August 2009

Soon, it will be time to start thinking about next year’s budget.  I took a preliminary stab earlier this week and I don’t like what I see.  So what I am going to do about it?  I don’t know yet.

Travel is really the budget buster but anyone who knows me knows how I love to travel.  I travel as economically as possible (using FF miles and hotel points and searching out deals) but we still spend large amounts on travel.  I’m thinking the solution is to refocus my efforts to pay off my car early.  Once that happens, I’ll have more money left over for traveling and for saving.  I have had a couple of abnormal expenses this year (tuition for two classes, unexpected medical expenses while on vacation and the purchase of a netbook) but I’ve got to do better.

Have you started putting together your budget for next year?  I know it’s ‘only’ August but fall will be here before you know.  Next are Thanksgiving and Christmas and you know you won’t get anything done then.  So pull out your records and a piece of paper this weekend and get started!

savvy @ 9:19 AM
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