Posted on Monday 27 April 2009

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I promised the Frugalista that I’d get back on the bandwagon.  I’ve been slacking on my finances lately (like not contributing enough to my IRA) but no more.  This week, I’m going to actually do all the things on my financial to do list.

  • I need to re-evaluate our asset allocation.
  • I also need to try to convince Mr. Savvy to ditch the horrible variable universal life insurance he bought when he was fresh out of college (many moons ago).
  • We have several trips planned (and a couple penciled in) that we need to budget for.
  • I’m also delinquent in regard to registering for a class this summer (note to self – check on validity of tuition tax credits/deductions for 2009) and sending a wedding card/check to one of my favorite cousins.

Obviously, I haven’t been doing anything for the last few weeks.  What about you guys?  I hope you’ve fared better than I.


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Posted on Wednesday 15 April 2009

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Okay, I’ll confess.  I’ve been a bad girl.  While I PREPARED our taxes back in February, I have yet to file them.  I’ve always wonddered about those last-minute filers and now I am one.  Rest assured,  I won’t be one of those people in line at the post office at 11:55pm though.  I will be e-filing when I get home from work.

Next, the confession of which I’m most ashamed…I spent way more money than I should have for the past few months which means I didn’t max out my IRA as intended.  I made the last deposit this morning for a total of $3785, which was short of my $5000 goal.  Mr. Savvy doesn’t like taking money out of our e-fund and I agree.  As far as we’re concerned, that money doesn’t exist.  So not being able to make the full contribution is paying penance for my bad behavior.  I promise to do better for this year.

What are your money confessions?

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Wednesday Roundup

Posted on Wednesday 8 April 2009

I read a lot of other pf blogs so I’ve decided to share the posts that I find to be most interesting or helpful.  So here’s the first ‘Wednesday roundup’.

The Six Investing Safeguards from Free Money Finance

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Finding the Balance Between Time and Money from Get Rich Slowly

How to Save Money on Life Insurance from Five Cent Nickel

How to Pick the Best Credit Card from Bargaineering

Ten Financial Commandments for Your 30s from All Financial Matters

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Nothing Much

Posted on Tuesday 7 April 2009

I forgot to announce the winner of last week’s book giveaway!  Product Junkie Diva, please e-mail me with your mailing address.

Tax season can be somewhat busy for me.  In addition, I recently returned from a long weekend of skiing.  Therefore, I haven’t been doing much with  my personal finances.  I have noticed that mortgage rates are still decreasing though.  A refi is so tempting.

That said, I promise to get back on the bandwagon soon.  If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, you only have eight more days so hop to it!

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(Re)Balancing Act

Posted on Wednesday 1 April 2009

Why do just one tricky thing at a time?
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For the last few months, I haven’t touched my retirement accounts in light of the market’s erratic behavior. However, this weekend I finally sat down to rebalance my accounts. Because of all the fluctuations, my asset allocation was way off. Now, it’s still not where it needs to be but it’s not as skewed as before. Next step, figuring out what to do with the cash in my IRA.

Have you rebalanced your account(s) lately? If not, why not?

*Note, here are a few asset allocation calculators that I like –
CNN/Money calculator
 Forbes calculator
MSN Money calculator

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