Monday, 13 Oct 2008

Getting Rid of a Car?

Holden Dealership
Creative Commons License photo credit: Casey Serin

I’m considering getting rid of my car.  To give some background, we are a two person, three vehicle household.  We previously had two cars but purchased a pickup earlier in the year to use for home improvement projects.  (I blogged about it here –

Before we had the truck, Mr. Savvy drove ‘his’ car to work and I drove ‘my’ car to work.  Once we had the truck and gas prices increased, he drove the truck to work and drove his car (a bit of a gaz guzzler) only on weekends.  Then the water pump on the truck went out (and he’s replacing it himself which has turned into a multi-week project) so he went back to driving his car.

However, I started a new position in August and we started carpooling every day in my car and he only drove his car on weekends again.  Then we experienced gas shortages in Atlanta.  Once Mr. Savvy’s tank was empty (and we couldn’t find any gas), his car stayed garaged for two weeks straight.  We drove my car everywhere and coordinated our weekend schedules for using the car (since the truck was out of commission).  Living with only one car wasn’t that bad and really highlighted to me that we no longer need three vehicles.  So I’ve proposed to Mr. Savvy that we get rid of my car.

His car is a four door sedan so I’d like to keep it around.  Also, I want to keep the truck for hauling stuff.  My car is the fun car so it can go.  While I love my car, why pay to register, maintain and insure it if we don’t need it?  Mr. Savvy isn’t sold on the idea yet but we discussed it over lunch today and he’s going to mull it over.  I don’t think he likes the idea of ‘sharing’ a car but it’s not really a big deal to me.  Has anyone else ever decreased the number of vehicles in their household?  How did you come to that decision?

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