July Monthly Update

Posted on Friday 8 August 2008

Peach colored car
Creative Commons License photo credit: blakeimeson

Sorry for the delay but things have been busy both at work and at home. I’ve decided to modify my goal of saving 25% of my gross income for retirement this year. In my zeal to amass lots of retirement savings, I lost sight of the fact that that money would be better used to accelerate the payoff my car loan. Duh. So I decided to lower my retirement goal to 22% and apply the rest to the car loan.

So I’ve updated the sidebar to reflect 19.19% to date through the month of July. I’ve also added a sidebar that shows my progress on the car loan. I bought my car in March 2007 so the loan is a little less than a year and a half along.

savvy @ 9:44 AM
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